Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who Do You Love?

In case you missed it on Facebook, here's a clip from the Anusara Grand Gathering featuring some of our Anusara Illuminati and our very own Douglas Brooks talking about yesterday's autumnal equinox:

Erm, as far as embracing my own dark side, I think I may already have that box adequately checked.

Still, last night's thunderstorm was the perfect excuse to open the window, curl up in the dark, breathe in the storm, watch the sky light up and listen to the thunder rumble

I'm so much better than I used to be at opening to my own darkness without being overwhelmed by it or devoured by it.  Practice does that and I've been studying and practicing Rajanaka Tantra with Douglas for a long time now. It has made me stronger and more capable of containing the infinitude of darkness and light within me.

I remember being introduced, years back, to the wisdom goddesses:  that group of goddesses that contains both the benevolent goddesses and the ferocious ones, both the light and the dark, both Sri and Kali.  The study of tantra has given me deities I can relate to, deities who show me more of myself than I would otherwise see.  In true dorky fashion, I can't wait until the SV curriculum gets around to teaching a course on these wisdom goddesses.  I'm all geeked out at the prospect.

First things first, though, and Ganesha always comes first, so we must begin with him.

I'm not complaining.   I love Ganesha.  Seriously, are there any yogins who don't?

February seems a long way off.

Which deities would you most like to learn practices for?  Who do you love?

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  1. Um, I love You Bern. I am grateful to Ganesha for always pointing out the obvious boundaries. While I am not always happy about the boundaries, he's so cute, he helps me be okay with them and then grow with them.
    What I love about Sri and Kali is like equinox. To go deeper one way, is always to know the other that much better. I love Her both ways and all the ways.
    I look forward to embodying and really knowing the practices and pujas. After 8 years of Rajanaka study, I'm ready.