Saturday, September 18, 2010

Srividyalaya Amrta: What the Hell?

Hello, Yogin.

You have navigated yourself to the home of Srividyalaya Amrta.  Welcome.  Take your shoes off.  Come inside.  We're so glad you're here.  Would you like something to drink?

Srividyalaya Amrta.

It's sort of a mouthful, isn't it?  

Don't worry about pronouncing it just yet.  We've got plenty of time and plenty of smart folks on staff to help with that.  They are at your disposal. 

What is this all about, anyway?

Srividyalaya is on online spiritual university.  There will be courses on teachings and practice.  Douglas and a faculty of scholarly types and adepts will be offering teachings from which you can participate at home.  I'm pretty sure the world of yoga will never be the same.

Srividyalaya Amrta is the name of this companion blog you have just clicked on.  Allow me to introduce myself:  I'm Bernadette Birney.  I'm a student of Rajanaka Yoga and a certified Anusara Yoga teacher.  I'm, um, not one of the academics you'll be hearing from.

I write a blog that lives here.  I'm no genius; I can't read Sanskrit.  I'm never the most accomplished yogin in the room.  There's nothing particularly noteworthy about me other than my love for this tradition and these teachings.  I'm just sort of...normal.  Y'know--in my own strange, quirky and weird way. 

I've studied these teachings for the past ten years and I think about them a lot.  Like, a lot a lot.  They are one of the great loves of my life.  They've permeated every part of me and changed my life for the better.  I talk about them.  I teach them.  They have made me so much better at being me than I used to be.  I try really hard to live them.

In my own way.

That's key, you see.

I'll be writing about the teachings here, and the way I apply them to my life and what they might mean to you.  I'll be doing it from my own peculiar, none-too-earnest point of view.

I've made these teachings my own which is sort of the point.

If I can do it then pretty much anyone can.

I can hardly wait to see what happens next.



  1. Bernadette, I know you hardly know me, but my heart is larger because you are in it and in case you remember this I presented a desire to become the lap dog because being Bernadette is clearly already taken. I guess in truth I am more feline, but anyway thank you for being you and putting this out which adds to a sense of kula enveloping those who love this yoga, in my sometimes overly stated opinion. Cheers to you, Dominique

  2. Thanks for your super sweet comment, Dominique, and for taking the time.

  3. i am so excited about your doing this! you know how much i appreciate your voice, thoughts, and perspective. i plan to sit next to you for years to come...